November 1, 2008

enough is enough …

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i guess this is the end of it …

i’ve been a faithful dog … waited and served as a good companion … never failed to pay attention and gave help on whatever necessary … 

i don’t need a return … by return i mean payback for whatever i’ve done … because payback is not a friend should do … 

but i don’t like being cheated … and i don’t like being left behind for no apparent reason … and i don’t want to be a waiter for nothing …

well … i guess it’s time for me to get up and have a new life …


October 24, 2008

open house …

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a friend’s open house …

went there with some female friends … yes female friends … nothing extraordinary, no?

i ate a lot, got so many food served … and it was really fun … laughed a lot too … everyone got good sense of humour indeed …

i would be better back on diet tomorrow …

September 16, 2008

Promises are meant to be broken …

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One of the things I hate the most is when someone made a promise to me and never fulfilled it.

Empty promises ….

There’s someone I knew seems to have the tendency to make empty promises. I considered him as a friend, yet I don’t understand why he should make these promises and not fulfilling it. It’s annoying, wasting my time for waiting and hoping for something that won’t happen. He got me many times, and it already started to wear me out.

I used to never cared about it before because he’s a friend, but his ‘persistence’ of making empty promises made me realise that it’s not worthy to put so much hope on his promises. 

He’s still my friend, and he will always be … regardless of this small issue.


  1. Never say ‘I will … ‘ or ‘I’m sure … ‘ when you’re not sure about it.
  2. Never say something when you don’t really mean it.
  3. Never make a promise if you cannot keep it up.

August 28, 2008

Somewhere over the rainbow – Sayonara

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Again it’s not about me … it’s all about a friend.

A friend will be going to Japan tomorrow. And he’ll be staying there for a year. As part of the agreement he signed for his PhD scholarship. Met him on my way back to hostel. Wished him luck and all the best … 

The sad thing is that we’ll most probably won’t see each other again. I am almost done and there will be no chance for me to stick around here doing nothing afterwards. I already made a plan and there’s no room for me to stay longer than 6 months here … and this friend will only be coming after a year.

I have another friend who went abroad in March. Doing PhD in U.K. University of Bristol. Damn lucky him … err I mean good for him 😛

So, when is my turn?


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