August 28, 2008

Somewhere over the rainbow – Sayonara

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Again it’s not about me … it’s all about a friend.

A friend will be going to Japan tomorrow. And he’ll be staying there for a year. As part of the agreement he signed for his PhD scholarship. Met him on my way back to hostel. Wished him luck and all the best … 

The sad thing is that we’ll most probably won’t see each other again. I am almost done and there will be no chance for me to stick around here doing nothing afterwards. I already made a plan and there’s no room for me to stay longer than 6 months here … and this friend will only be coming after a year.

I have another friend who went abroad in March. Doing PhD in U.K. University of Bristol. Damn lucky him … err I mean good for him 😛

So, when is my turn?


August 27, 2008

On the verge of splitsville …

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No, no … this is not about imminent divorce or my break up with someone …

It’s just regarding a decision to split this blog into two or more sub-blogs. I’ve been mixing up (messing up) all posts about politics, hot issues, breaking news, personal matters, photography and etc under ONE and only one blog, which is not good and not appealing to everyone (including me and myself). I need to put/stay focused … so I think it’ll be a good idea to allocate a blog to each topic I’m interested in …

My previous sub-blog was a failure, so perhaps I need to start anew with a few good nice blogs which I could sustain and keep updated regularly …

There’s no use keeping so many but outdated and deserted sub-blogs … though it will be a challenge to keep up with all blogs because it surely will consume a lot more time and idea to stay alive.

Lesson of the day

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Every dark cloud has its silver lining …

So, don’t give up on hard times, always look up at the positive side …


August 26, 2008

DS Anwar Ibrahim wins big time in Permatang Pauh by-election

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Personally I don’t like and trust DS Anwar Ibrahim but lets face the reality. He just won the Permatang Pauh by-election with bigger majority (compared to his wife’s majority last time).

Well, he’s the one people in Permatang Pauh want as their leader. So be it …

Let’s just hope that:

  1. He will serve the people or rakyat, NOT otherwise … remember it’s now ketuanan rakyat, NOT ketuanan menteri-menteri
  2. He will not sell this country to whoever wanted to take control of this country … (as allegedly by someone)
  3. He will develop this country. I mean the whole country, not only a particular state or area in favour to him.
  4. He will catalyze the unification of all people in this country, regardless of religion and race, particularly the citizen of Malaysia.

These also apply to every MPs selected by the rakyat. Every MPs should know and do rightfully their responsibilities.

One more thing, DO NOT misuse the mandate given by the rakyat, otherwise you’ll be damned in hell …


Lesson of the day

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Never expect too much on something you wish to happen unless you’re prepared for painful loss …


Mulling over something

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I have this thing. A precious thing. Like a gold. Or, more like a forbidden golden apple. I can see it, I can smell it, but I cannot have it. I have the desire to pluck it, to have it and to posses it but I can’t. It is not belong to me, and I don’t have the right to make it mine unless it falls free willing to my arms. I have been waiting … and waiting for every chance to make it mine. Sometimes it hurts me, but it doesn’t matter. I am more than happy to wait and wait for the chance to come.

I wanted to go away, but I am too much obsessed with it. There’s option to find another, but I don’t want it. I want only this precious one.

I wanted to keep watch on this precious apple. It’s too much valuable for me. It’s too perfect to ignore, it’s too sweet to throw away. But it hurts sometimes because I know I can’t have it. Well, I’ve been trying to create and grab the chance to pluck it but it never comes my way. It never comes my way …


August 24, 2008

Since when Malaysia excludes Sabah and Sarawak?

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It’s quite disturbing to know that some illiterate people are desperate to exlude Sabah and Sarawak from Malaysia; or as it seems. Looking at the table above (taken from NST), it’s clear that they are trying to portray that Malaysia is different from Sabah and Sarawak. 

Perhaps it’s a silly printing mistake, but they should know it when they are publishing to public. Everyone’s going to read it and they could give wrong fact to the public …

The first column (circled in red) should be labelled Peninsular Malaysia, NOT just Malaysia …

Perhaps they obtained the fact wrong. The source stated LPPKN. So, it’s either NST or LPPKN did the mistake. But the thing is, they should make a public apology (and correction) for this mistake. This is an insult to the people of Sabah and Sarawak.


August 18, 2008

Newfound love

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Yeah .. and it got ball literally. Niceee …. ;P 

Even though it’s very new to me but I am already addicted to it. And it seems easy to play. No need experience at all. But perhaps it’ll be a little bit more fun I have more skills. And yes, a flexible hands too … 

It’s really fun, makes me goes uuhhh and aahhh everytime I hit the spot … 


August 17, 2008

Congrats to Lee Chong Wei

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… even though he settled with silver in the final of men’s badminton single. Not bad at all …


Surprise visit!!

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I am a bit elated … 

An unexpected guest just stepped into my room.  

And the timing was perfect because I just ordered a full set of RM64.05 worth pizza. Well, lucky bastard … hahahaha … but it’s ok because frankly I am more than willing to share it because it’s just too large for me … (a friend had came earlier and ate a portion of it but I am still unable to finish the rest) … 

At least it won’t come to waste …


Swearing on Quran by Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan …

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… brought mixed responses from various political figures in Malaysia. Some agreed, some opposed to it claiming it’s a political tactic to degrade Anwar and possibly to kill his political career.

  1. Nik Aziz said that the swearing thing is not Islamic practice … 
  2. Abdul Hadi said it was totally political motivated.
  3. Of course Anwar totally rubbished it, claiming it was a desperate dirty tactic by BN to bring him down. Anwar also accused the police of forcing Saiful to do the swearing.
  4. Anwar’s wife, Azizah said that the swearing thing was done to bring down Anwar.
  5. Tun Dr Mahathir said the swearing showed Saiful’s intent to tell the truth. Mahathir also challenged Anwar to do the same thing (swearing on Quran) …
  6. Najib said it’s up to the public (Muslims) to perceive the swearing thing …
  7. Abdullah’s response? None yet … (I am wondering why Abdullah’s quiet about this. Or is he’s a late picker?) … 

Personally I agree to Mahathir’s opinion. I think it’s pretty clear who’s telling the truth and who isn’t. And I think Anwar should do the same thing to prove that he’s innocent. With his long twists since long time ago and his reluctance to swear on Quran made people curious whether the sodomy indeed happened or not …


Another things to consider to know who’s telling the truth and who’s twisting it …

  1. The first reaction of Anwar when the sodomy news broke was to hide in the Turkish embassy claiming death threat … Now instead of proving the death threat, Anwar has gone public to preach about the so-called conspiracy and political ambitions … so, whatever happened to death threat? 
  2. Quick response by Anwar’s wife, Azizah was to show a picture of Saiful with a VIP in Najib’s ministerial office claiming it was a proof that there’s a link between Saiful and the government (therefore validate a so-called conspiracy) … yet so far I never heard of anything to prove it. All I heard was a constant denial by Saiful that it wasn’t a political motivated case.



Injured wrist

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I injured my right wrist during tennis game yesterday. The pain didn’t bothered me though coz I played again today. But honestly it felt a bit more painful than yesterday. 

Tomorrow I am going to play tennis again … I am addicted to tennis … Can’t let slip the chance to play often before the crowds are back here and occupy the court … Almost everybody’s gone for midterm break this week, so I have better chance to use the court more often …

Yeahh …


August 16, 2008

Our heart to Lee Chong Wei …

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… who is now Malaysian’s best hope of gold medal for men’s single badminton.

Yeahh … 


August 14, 2008

Coffee rhymes with pee

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I have posted something about coffee and pee in the past.

Now it’s kinda hard for me to drink any coffee because it constantly reminds me of urine. It’s as if I am going to drink urine everytime someone offers me a cup of it … damn!!

Now that’s the best thing anyone could use to prevent themselves from drinking coffee … 

Good luck …

Starbucks, anyone?


Desperate – another lame post

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Yeahh … I am a fool. Now everything’s gone …

Kinda disappointing, but that’s the real thing. Can’t help but submit to fate. It’s written all over … no room for me. I don’t deserve happiness …

I am kidding … hehehe … in fact, it’s kinda lame and stupid writing all these words. Not my type, but I am writing it now. Well, perhaps I am caught in a swirl of fishnet, can’t escape but let myself entangled in it till I dry out. Or till somebody come and help me escape. But I don’t deserve happiness right? Perhaps somebody will come but not to make me escape unscatched … perhaps there will be little (I hope) cuts and wounds. But hell yeah … what’s my other options? Do I have any?

It’s dangerous playing fire with fire, yes indeed. Especially when there’s no fire extinguisher around. Once you’re caught in it, you can never able to escape until you become ashes. So, the best option is to get out from it as sooner and quickly as you can, never mind with the cuts and slight burns because it’s better than later; as it’ll become worse if you wait longer … the sooner you escape, the smaller wounds you’ll get, if any. But did I let myself escape sooner?

Well, maybe … but I jumped too deep. My bad … it was such a hurry. Now I got deeper wound. But it’s alright … because I know what to do. Well, I am experienced after all, right?



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I failed at one temptation … 

Though it’s short and insignificant but it does count to my earlier bet. And it’s not good.

Probably it’s alright somehow. Like a silver lining on a dark cloud. Like a painful truth. Better withdraw now than hurt badly later on.

It’s time to move on …


August 13, 2008

Achy breaky back …

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A bit pain on my back. Pulsating and momentarily. It comes all of sudden and periodic like irregular heart beat. It will come in a minute, then gone, then come back. Perhaps strain from sitting too much but it won’t come off when I am on other postures. I have no idea what causes it.

I remember a growth on my big bro’s back. Size of a pea but it’s kinda scary.


August 12, 2008

Spoiled lucky brat

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I am kidding.

Ok … here’s the counter. This ‘brat’ is kinda rich. I am not told but it’s obvious. Always smells good, cosy and have color-matched garments. Looking pale of lacking tan, yet well built like a promising model. Never played any other sport except golf (confided to me personally). Yes golf … that ‘posh’ sport. Have current indulgences in few other sports due to friends and friends

This brat is kind though … Never failed to give response to any query. Is honest and well-mannered. Perhaps of good upbringing … how fortunate.

Am I jealous? A bit, I admit it. Coz I don’t have any of it. But this is where I am now. Can’t turn my back on everything which made me today. My pasts, everything – good and bad – shaped me to what I am today.

A story about a friend. Yes … a friend.



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Ok … I’ll fight myself. I am refraining myself of doing something stupid and desperate. And not to appear clingy too. Hell yeah …

Let see who’s gonna break first …

Oh .. and btw, I have no reason to put it off.


August 11, 2008

Down …

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Current state – mixed feeling.

More on sad side I guess … Disappointed? Yeah a bit. Submitted to fate? Yeah a bit too. Distracted? Yeah a lot. Deviated? Of course … Repulsed? Most probably …

I don’t have the courage to live up my life today. I was a bit moody since morning. Don’t know why … Perhaps it was just a little delusional thing. And probably me being ‘hormonal’ again … 

I lost one hope and sunshine … 

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