May 15, 2008

News I did not ignore

Filed under: Local, News, World — J Martin @ 1:11 am

Some highlights:

  1. Josef Fritzl and his dungeon. He fathered 7 children with his own daughter and kept most of them in the dungeon, for 24 years! Well … this is the craziest of all …
  2. China earthquake. And other small earthquakes around the globe. Our planet is going mad! Probably it got heavy headache with human activities …
  3. Myanmar typhoon.
  4. Incoming heavy rains and another potentially powerful storm toward the already swept-out Myanmar.
  5. New eruptions of Anak Krakatau.
  6. Political bickering and grousing at the Malaysian Parliament Assembly. Some stupid MPs claimed smart enough to incite hatred among themselves and put shame to Malaysian politics. Shame, shame and shame ….
  7. Brand new old stuffs – wars everywhere … Iraq, Afghan, etc
  8. Israel … Honestly I never understand why we need to hate other human beings … Mistakes in the past? Aren’t we supposed to be forgiving? Or are we?
  9. Obama vs Clinton. It’s almost done …
  10. Vatican and Pope Benedict.
  11. Food crisis. In 10 more years we all gonna have to eat dusts …
  12. Other weird news …

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