March 17, 2009

dragonball evolution

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went to cinema yesterday evening with two of my friends.

my comments:

the movie was rated 18pg, means that kids are not supposed to watch it. but yesterday, the hall was almost half full by kids with their ‘very very responsible’ parents … some parents even brought their babies … one baby was constantly crying throughout the movie … the parents must be really really stupid and careless with their baby … pity the baby who was ‘forced/tortured’ to stay in a dark hall with sound like hell for about one and a half hour …. and it was really really distracting too …

there were kissing scenes which i thought are not appropriate for kids to watch. but perhaps kids nowadays are more ‘matured’ so i guess it isn’t a big issue. or maybe their parents want their kids to learn from such early age? who knows? …. y’know .. the basic things of err … sex edu?

the movie itself. overall, it’s a movie. yeah, you smart. the opening was okay. in the middle i felt bored. then i was thinking, why im being so stupid to even watch this movie? there were scenes – goku, bulma and master roshi were trapped down in a hole at the desert. while in the previous scenes they (except bulma) can fly-kicks, jump up and down like hell but at that particular scene, they were useless and err … ‘escapeless’ … while actually at the end of the scene master roshi finally jumped up and confronts yamcha … but why wait so long and weep down there while at the end they can easily escape?

the special effects weren’t that impressive. it shouldn’t be called ‘special’ if there’s no special at all …

chi chi … one busty chick. well, she’s kinda hot but not that much … i wish chi chi was played by someone else … and i thought chi chi was supposed to be decent … not boyfriend-switcher like in the movie … so typical … bulma should couple with goku and chi chi should couple with yamcha instead or remains with her previous boyfriend (yes, this is out of story) but in the movie, i’d prefer that more …

the final scene where goku transformed into beast … where in hell that happened? as far as im concerned, goku can transform into super saiya only, not that ugly beast …

the kame kame ha … haa! …

those who never read the comic, or never watch the anime, or even heard about dragonball would probably find this movie quite entertaining. but for those followers, there will be chance to get annoyed while watching this movie, just like me … im not even an avid follower of dragonball.

disclaimer: i hold no right to the picture. will remove it upon request. taken from somewhere on the web …


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