May 22, 2008

Annoying people

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This morning I got good news from my supervisor.

I thought the good feeling will last, but it didn’t. In the afternoon I was bombarded with problems here and there. I have to rush from one person to another. The particular human specie I mentioned in my previous post have once again annoyed me with silly questions. I think that person’s just wanting attention from me. That particular person annoys me with questions which even first grade students are able to solve. Perhaps I can tolerate it if I am not busy, but I was super busy, so I cannot tolerate stupid things like that … Why bother me with such things while it’s very apparent that I have not enough time, even time for lunch?

I was pressured because tomorrow morning is my flight to home and I haven’t prepared anything yet. Workloads are still on my shoulder and I am pressured to settle it by today. Today I planned to quit early but since I have to deal with everything, I was still late …

Now I am hungry, tired, pressured, annoyed etc al … It’s been two days I skipped lunch because of workloads. And the workloads are not even mine. It was belong to other person, but I was instructed to do it on his behalf and it’s not really comforting …


May 15, 2008

Small irritant

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A specific human being has been overacting and nagging me since few days ago. That human being is not even special, but it seems acting like one. I was being close to it since long time ago but I never wanted it to get into very-close thing. And I don’t want the deep thing. NOPE, no string attached, and NO to whatsoever …

Maybe I need to distance myself from it for a certain time being. I don’t like people invading my personal space, no exception to anyone whether they are special or not. Certain things may be alright, but with my consent and my own willingness … And I don’t want to be pressured to admire things … and so on …

I just don’t want to add new name to the list of my ‘banned’ people …

October 19, 2007

New family member

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Just heard the news.

A baby male, named Cester, or Chester? I am not sure …

Almost a month years old, but they didn’t tell me the news earlier … I think everyone at home just assumed somebody among themselves hv already told me the news. Or perhaps they are just too busy with the new baby. And since I am far far away from home, they just forgot to tell?

Hmmm ….

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