March 26, 2008

I love my K550i!

Filed under: Gadgets, Sony Ericsson K550i — J Martin @ 7:46 pm

The main reasons I love K550i:

  1. I love photography. K550i’s features including 2 megapixel digital camera … Quality? Just look at the pictures I posted earlier (especially those ‘vertical’ pictures – e.g. post ‘I see green’). As a comparison, look at the picture in my posting ‘fried tilapia’, which was taken using Olympus Stylus 750. I seldom use Stylus 750 now. It’s more satisfying and probably better with K550i.
  2. I love mp3s. K550i other feature including mp3 player … It can play mp3 all day non-stop and the battery will still lasts like forever … But of course I need a bigger capacity of memory card if I wanted to store like thousands mp3s in it.
  3. The design (body) is quite nice.
  4. It’s relatively & comparatively cheap …
  5. The other features are good … More click HERE.

Source of image: Sony Ericsson Homepage.


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