September 28, 2007

I am craving for a brand new car …

Filed under: Daily Life, Emotional — J Martin @ 8:41 pm

Yes …. The only plaque to abstain me from buying one is that, I don’t have MONEY ….. It’s very difficult for me to survive here without one …. Not actually, but I’ve been dormant for a few weeks, if not month, since I got lesser and lesser transportation to go to my work. And even if I got one, it’s usually late already, so, I got not much progress there …. and on most occasions, I was just hibernated in this home, alone …..

It’s torturing me coz I don’t want to extend myself here for longer period. I want to GET OUT as soon as possible …


September 22, 2007

Poor guy

Filed under: Emotional, Life, Photography, Toys — J Martin @ 10:35 pm

I love photography but my digi-cam sucks !!~

September 17, 2007

Fed up …

Filed under: Emotional — J Martin @ 11:31 pm

I am bored and bored and bored …. stupid life …

Argghhhhh !!~


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