December 17, 2008

todger talk (18sx) …

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… in other words, penis talk.

i like this blog. the contents are kinda dirrty but not overly sexual. the tag is “todger talk – sex, relationship and a good laugh without the bullshit, bravado and misinformation”. nice blog indeed …

i wish i have that writing skill to spice up my blog and to entice readers to my blog.


December 14, 2008

clustrmap …

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i noticed that recently the number of red dots on my clustrmap has reduced greatly.

it’s fun to see the dots growing day by day … it’s a proof that this blog is/has been visited by people from around the globe.

gonna wait until few months before the dots become many … i know this blog isn’t famous as compared to many ‘adult’ blog out there …

probably i need to set up an adult blog as well …

August 1, 2008

Favourite stuffs on the Net

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I love surfing any website about food … not the recipe type but about the presentation and review of tasty food along with good quality of pictures. This is especially enjoyful when I am in hungry state …

Blogs … whatever blog. As long as it is not about boring stuffs (like mine ;P) …

News websites, or websites about weird stuffs, cool pictures, jokes etc …

Informative websites, with a lot of good/high quality/nice/awesome pictures … for example National Geographic, nature etc … which could be good sources of wallpapers … 

And of course the other websites … ;P …

July 29, 2008

Bad request

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Everytime I try to publish a post, this f*cking error will appear on my window page. I have to reload the page to get it right.

Did my IE contracted with virus as well?

July 18, 2008

KTemoc Konsiders ……..

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This is one HOT blog …

I admit that I agree with most of his thoughts … in fact, I’ve been following his posts since the first time I visited it. He’s smart with his words, sometimes funny but catches the attention of many ‘Anwaristas’, as they called it.

July 11, 2008

Scandalous blog: Update

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The ‘owner’ of the blog has apparently aware that the blog has become a centre of nasty comments and hatred from visitors. I am not sure how he felt about it but today all posts and pictures have been deleted … 

July 10, 2008

Scandalous blog

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A friend forwarded to me a link to a very very scandalous blog.

I bet all the blog’s contents will surface sooner or later on HOT news, which probably may once again shake the nation like Anwar’s second sodomy case (err, not again). Title of the blog, “Hati Seorang Kekasih … Januari 2008”.

Click HERE for the blog.

Warning: Those who have high blood pressure are not advised to view the site due to worry of heart attack. Please, and please view it on your own accord.

Update (spoiler): These pictures will give you a feel …

Wtf????? … I mean, well, it’s their right to do anything they want, but just do it in private, ok? Don’t show it to the public coz it’s really really … ahemm … disturbing. And it’s Malaysia, not a western country.

July 1, 2008

Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan is really really HOT!!

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Well … judging from the total traffic I got on my blog since few minutes ago (after I post something about Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan), I guess he must be really really HOT now … (Now I am getting jealous of his instant celebrity status … hahaha) … just kidding …

Well, I don’t know what to say about him. Sometimes I pity him for getting into this ‘trouble’. But let say, sometimes we just need something HOT to keep our mind alert, right?

April 30, 2008

Back to old name

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Last week I changed my site’s name but little I know the ‘change’ itself will affect all the widgets I put on this site …

I don’t know how (and I don’t want additional job) to get all these widgets sorted out following the name change so the best choice now is to undo the name change and let the widgets work as it used to be …

Looks like I have to stick with this old name … brand new old site …

Http://mostdangerousthings.blogspot.com/ ….

April 27, 2008


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A few new domain names for my blog …

But I haven’t felt satisfied … It seems that all the cool names were already taken by someone else ..

What else should I name this blog? I am tired with long name …

October 30, 2007

Socializr – Another version of Friendster

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Friendster is not Socializr. They are different, both have some special distinctive features. The only thing connect the two is the creator. Both friend networking site is created by Jonathan Abrams.

Friendster is the past. Now come Socializr. But it only open for US ‘citizens’. But I still managed to register coz I use US postcode for my registration. No harm right?

I am not promoting this new site. This is just for information purpose only.

October 25, 2007

Annoying Friendster (Part II)

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Last night I posted some warnings on Friendster’s Bulletin regarding forwarded messages which constantly annoyed me. I received mix reactions, some expressed their support while some lashed me out. But I didn’t moved, coz these angry ppl are actually not my friends. They are FAKE. And I had them removed from my friend lists. I don’t know them, they also didn’t know me, but it’s them who want me to add them as their ‘friend’. NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE !! … Yeah, better ….

Now I know whom are my real friends and whom aren’t. But I am lucky coz none of my real friends (I know them, really) expressed dissatisfactions regarding my bulletin.

Yep … Good for me to get rid of these FAKE people ….

Annoying Friendster

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The fact that I got at least one invitation everyday. Invitation from a nobody to be my friend, i.e. fake friend (to be exact). It’s not fun, seriously. Sometimes it annoys me, and I feel like rejecting their invitation. But so far, even though I don’t feel it, I still accept them. Don’t know why, but I guess I hv to be strict later on. It’s just that there’s no use making ‘friend’ with them while they didn’t bring anything good after that. Sometimes they even give a sh*t, especially those with a love mindset to forward chain mails, spam, and stupid things, which I hate very much.

I hv many times posted warning on the bulletin abt these fwrd things and I still getting it. I just can’t understand why these ppl are so stupid and dumb to make such effort to annoy other ppl. Perhaps they are new to Friendster and will just do anything for the sake of being functional. Will they ever learn to remove themselves from this stupidity?

October 3, 2007

Flickr – Photo storing/sharing …

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Heard abt Flickr? If not, click HERE.

I already hv an account there, with quite plenty pics. Not only I can store/share my pics there but I can also view other’s. I love photos/photography, so it’s quite fascinating to see others pics/photos. At Flickr, I also can see/get to know what camera (camera finding feature) they use to snap the pics, especially those with good qualities, perfect angles, etc. I hv to know all these coz I’d love to.

And Flickr is also good/better compared to some so-called-photo-sites coz Flickr got few special features which are not available in other sites (correct me). A notable feature, Flickr provides a global map (a-la google map) for its members, non-pros or pros, to locate the pics taken. Say, if you took the pics at different places around the globe, you can just simply drag the pics and put it on the map. Interesting?

With this feature, people will know the whereabouts of the pics taken. In other words, you don’t hv explain so hard to let people know exactly where u took the pics. Minus if you don’t know how globe looks like or you hv no idea how your country looks like on the world or even regional/local map. Flickr applies basically to everyone, and/or exclusively to those who want to expose themselves and want everyone on the globe to see their pics. Or those who want an instant fame by any meaning (I mean via photography, in any positions, or in any suggestions). Sure Flickr is a good platform.

Cons – limited space for free member. You hv to pay for unlimited spaces and features … Did I mention non-pros and pros? Pros means unlimited users (those who pay for unlimited features and spaces), non-pros means those free members (100 MB approx storage)…

No recommendation for those who wants extreme privacy …

*Foot note : Sorry for bad grammar … hehe

September 22, 2007


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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

September 11, 2007

Here’s a cool blog … about food, food and foood ….

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Link. Very cool … I like the pictures … and some of the food also. Nice pictures …

Here’s a cool blog … about food, food and foood ….

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Link. Very cool … I like the pictures … and some of the food also. Nice pictures …

Here’s a cool blog … about food, food and foood ….

Filed under: Blogroll, Food — J Martin @ 10:10 pm
Link. Very cool … I like the pictures … and some of the food also. Nice pictures …

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