April 24, 2008

Sunday Law and the Beast

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Not trying to be religious today but I found an interesting article/e-book and it’s kind of prophetic … I think everyone deserve the chance to read it … BUT, read it on your OWN WILL and belief …

Since the article is very lengthy … I made a special blog out of it for you to read on …

Chapter 1 – The Two Horned Beast

Chapter 2 – The Beast Identified

Chapter 3 – The Beast Described

Chapter 4 – Dynamite

Chapter 5 – The MARK of the Beast

Chapter 6 – Image of the Beast

Chapter 7 – The Global Conflict

For more infos, click HERE. (This is the special blog I mentioned, complete with Appendices and Bibliography)

P/s: Sorry for bad editing. Later on I will update that very blog to make it presentable and readable to all.


April 16, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI visits America

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A historical visit. Facts (quoted from Yahoo! news):

  1. “… the first papal White House visit in 29 years” … “Benedict XVI became just the second pope to visit the White House and the first to come … in nearly three decades”
  2. “Usually a president waits for no one, but Bush watched patiently from the red carpet as the papal motorcade departed ahead of his own”
  3. “President Bush made the unusual gesture of greeting Benedict at Andrews Air Force Base — the first time he has welcomed a foreign leader there”
  4. “The ceremony will include 22 leaders of other faiths, including Jewish, Muslim, Greek Orthodox and Episcopalian leaders”
  5. “… trip to the United States as leader of the world’s Roman Catholics”
  6. “… Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Jain and Hindu leaders scheduled to meet Benedict on Thursday at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center”

Indeed historical, right? … Anything to be expected? Hmm … (wondering) …

April 15, 2008

Important message?

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Got sms calling for everyone to fast …

Said something ‘terrible’ is due to happen … actually it’s already expected to happen sooner or later but just to delay it a bit …

I am a bit curious … Is it true?

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