February 26, 2009


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today is my birthday. i haven’t got anything from anyone. but im not expecting anything coz i know there’s nothing to expect.

usually i have celebration for my birthday but i think this time im just gonna keep the celebration to myself.

i have a plan actually …


February 22, 2009

something to do …

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something i wanted to do this coming month. with one purpose and hopefully with the right words.

been thinking about something. something i wanted to not remember but it’s always there on my mind everyday.

so this coming month i wanted to do something about it. to ease my mind.

hope everything will go as planned.

February 20, 2009


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still confused about something … something which bothers me so long. and it getting worse, giving me headache almost everyday …

sigh …

i thought of a solution, but it’s just crazy as well …

February 18, 2009

where gone my visitors?

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seems like im the only one visiting this blog since i changed the address. i don’t know why, but it seems that there’s something wrong with the address change. i used to receive at least five unique visitors per day, from around the globe.

should i put more pictures? should i post porn?

what else do i need to do to get my visitors back?

rambling ..

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it’s been a while since my last post. got few things in mind but i felt lazy to post it here.

this week im kinda helpless. now im down with fever. since yesterday. haven’t go to clinic because i feel like it’s not necessary. and frankly i don’t like clinics.

yesterday i went to office, then gave my co-boss my final work. he said he want to see it for the last time before i submit it to somewhere. he said he’ll give it back to me at least this wednesday but today i got it. quite a surprise. didn’t cross in my mind that i’ll get it today.

well, not bad. not much he commented on it. i guess my work is good enough.

my target this week is to prepare another journal to be published. two at least.

sigh …

February 13, 2009

worse than ever

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now the internet at this place is worse than ever.

we could hardly use it without constantly cursing the service provider (who).

this place got grand status but in reality, everything is becoming like shit.

eating and eating

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it’s almost everyday this week i went out to eat at posh food outlets.

on sunday it was at seoul garden. with some friends.

on monday it was again at seoul garden. with another friends. a friend’s birthday treats, so i paid nothing.

on tuesday it was at tao. my boss decided to treat all of us (his ‘kids’) so again i paid nothing.

today it was at secret recipe. i paid all.

i know i ate too much.

February 6, 2009


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not exactly an encounter.

more or less like passing by.

contacted nothing, said nothing, done nothing … all nothing.

a bit upset, a bit nervous, a bit … a bit of everything.

gone …

and it ends nothing.

just a little nudge i guess. without any effect …

all fired up

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drank coffee today, twice …

reason? i wanted to be fresh for the whole day to finish my work.

but until midnight i haven’t finish it all. however, i’ve done most of it, about 95% done … quite an achievement actually.

tomorrow im gonna print it all and let my boss check it for the last time.

it’s almost time to surrender …

February 4, 2009


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still confused.

confused about something. something not bad, but not good either.

i don’t know …

chicken chop kampung style

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rm7.50 per serve – chicken with black pepper sauce, a small bun, fries and coleslaw …

February 3, 2009

in pursuit …

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… of something.

SOMETHING … something i myself don’t know what exactly. something which can satisfy me. something which can make me happy. something which can make me forget pains and sadness.

SOMETHING … something or someone. someone? could be … but i don’t know.

SOMETHING … something or a place i can go and start a new happy life. could be my hometown, could be somewhere on the globe. a place away …

SOMETHING … something or some food that can satisfy my taste buds. i love food.

SOMETHING … something i miss. something i lost. something to complete me. something to cheer me up. something good, something fun.

where is that SOMETHING?


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complaining, whining, giving excuses … everything.

but i couldn’t bring myself to do my work until completion.

sigh …

after months of doing the same work, i guess i have become numb and lazy.

February 2, 2009

run baby run ….

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need to increase the pace … im just too slow.

now the juniors are closing behind me. if i stay on like this, most probably they will overtake me sooner or later.

need to run faster now …


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blame again the crowd.

now the public washroom smells like shit … yeah shit indeed …

some of them (the crowd) apparently are not keen on flushing down the toilet after use. i don’t know what’s on their mind. it’s not that they are unable to do so. most (or all) of them are well-educated (that’s why they are here). now it seems to me that some of them aren’t that ‘well-educated’.

i don’t know the reason. maybe they want to save water. but what the hell with that? it’s not that they are paying the bills. and it’s not that water cost equal to gold.

sometimes i think that the way they live their life here reflects their upbringing back at home. but we don’t judge people, right?

sometimes it’s hard to stay longer than a minute at the washroom because of the unbearable stench. im not saying that i want to stay longer there but it’s just unavoidable sometimes. doing business, y’know …

but this is what to expect when living in hostel. not only this, but there’s a lot more ‘goodness’ to expect …

the hell of hostel …

February 1, 2009


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now the crowd is back, the internet connection becomes worse.

damn!! …

nadal vs federer

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now in progress, nadal vs federer on australian open men’s single …


nadal won … 7-5, 3-6, 7-6, 3-6, 6-2 …

down …

adrenalin rush

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feeling a little nervous. now the holiday is over, so it’s time to get back to work. actually it’s time to get back to old schedule. which is boring and not fun.

the crowd is back. so now it’s also time to get adjusted to noise, disturbances, discomfort, bad internet connection and all.

time is almost up. on the 20th this month, my notice will be due. 3 months.

wonder if i can make it on time …

never look back

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gone going that is.

something on my mind. something i rather want to forget. something i rather treat as a mere dream. want to get past of it.

been a while indeed. found a reason to not look back.

but i have a plan. come this march and it will prevail.

gotta make a surprise.

respect and love …

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respect and love one another.

respect people regardless of race, colour, religion, culture, sexuality, etc. we’re human, created differently from animals and other inane objects. we human can love, we human can judge and choose which is good and which is bad.

we tend to hate people who are different from us. we tend to hate ‘weird’ people. we tend to hate people who hurt us. we tend to hate people who do different things from us. we tend to hate people we don’t like.

but we all are human. we are equal.

i believe that all human being deserve to live peacefully. i believe everyone has the right to live according to own preference. i believe that we must love one another regardless of whatever criterion which divided us. human race has only one, that is human.

now, where to live?

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