September 9, 2008

Friendship – a touch & go

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It’s a pure gold to have a good friendship which lasts forever. Your best friends eventually will fade away, leaving you all alone gasping for air. Then you’ll go on carrying your lives by making new friendships with new people who have just come into your life. Precisely a touch-and-go system.

Friends come and go … you just need to adjust your life everytime they come and go. You could be hurt, or suffocated by thin air left by their abrupt end in your life. On a bright side, you could be beaming to joy on their departure …

Then you might think it’s useless making new best friends. Because eventually they will go as they come into your life. 

If you don’t value your friendships, perhaps you won’t feel anything at all. You won’t feel the emptiness of having them permanently absent from your life. 

If you value them, you might be at loss. You’ll weep (guys most probably won’t shed tears) over their departure, and you’ll miss them terribly. And you’ll keep going in your efforts to maintain contact with them. But then question arise, will they (your best friends) feel the same way with you? It’s a big loss if they don’t reciprocate your valued friendship. At the end, you’ll be left alone with big cavity on your heart. Or a big wound … which surely will take a long time to recover.

Problems with guys … some guys will tend to believe (mistake) that your efforts to reconcile as a sign of your ‘affection’ to them. In other words, they will think you’re a homo while you aren’t (if you’re a guy too). With that, at the end of the day, you’ll hurt even more. Not a good ending for a good intention. 

Perhaps it’s better to just follow the stream. If your friends are unable to ‘see’ you clearly, then probably it’s safer to just let the nature takes control. Be aware that not everyone in your list of best friends think the same way towards you. They might consider you as just the other regular guy who really is a nobody and has no significance in their life.

Lesson to be learned – don’t expect too much from your best friends. Acknowledge them as you acknowledge the touch & go system because it’s how life goes on …


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