July 31, 2008

Extra work … sigh …

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It seems that I won’t be coming home sooner than I thought …

Today I made a little presentation a.k.a briefing to my bosses about what I’ve done so far (my R&D actually). Both of them were satisfied with it (they even praised it as a very good work indeed), but one proposed to me to do a little bit extra work to make it even more high quality. Wtf? … I mean darn it, I’ve published two international papers, what else need to be added? It’s more than enough already, at least for my level …

So … means I got to go back at my laboratory work … it’s quite upsetting coz I already planned to ease myself this coming time … But nevermind, as long as I got my allowance (I am paid until June next year), so I guess I still can carry on …


Seaweed – Latest craving

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Toasted seaweed, seasoned with soy sauce, spices and sugar.

Chocolatier Duc d’O – Finest Belgian Quality

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Milk chocolates … 

  1. Mocha Praline Truffle
  2. Cream and Pistachio Truffle
  3. Nougat
  4. Crisp Chocolate Truffle Cream
  5. Crisp Hazelnutpaste
  6. Cream and Vanilla Truffle

… have to scoop the chocs up using spoon coz it melted already. No icebox 😦 …

Thanks anyway, boss … you are still the greatest … ;P 

July 29, 2008


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Feeling anxious today, I’m not sure why … 

It feels like having a premonition on something about myself (or someone I know?). Hopefully nothing bad gonna happen to me …

Free Online Dictionary

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Want to translate English to other languages? Or vice versa?

Try this website.

Click HERE.

P/s: I am not sure whether this website got hidden spyware and etc etc things but so far, it’s good for me.

Bad request

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Everytime I try to publish a post, this f*cking error will appear on my window page. I have to reload the page to get it right.

Did my IE contracted with virus as well?

My boss is coming back …

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Uh-uh …….

I mean, hell yeah .. welcome back to Malaisie!!

But I hope he won’t ask sooner about my thesis and my slides for presentation coz I haven’t finished it up yet … Well, I am almost there … only got few things to correct and add up … ;P

*Plan – I am going make excuses about the ‘ados’ during his absence to make him feel alright and then gives me a chance to settle it all up until next week.

P/s: To my boss if he happens to read this – I am just kidding … hahaha …

Caught with flu …

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Demmit!! …

My room mate must be blamed on this. No one else should be blamed …He’s been constantly sneezing in the past few days …

July 27, 2008

Squash Malaysian Open: Beng Hee & Datuk Nicol double

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Ong Beng Hee defeated Azlan Iskandar in the men’s final, 11-6, 8-11, 4-11, 12-10, 11-8.

Datuk Nicol Ann David defeated Natalie Grinham in the women’s final, 11-1, 11-4, 11-6.

Enough said …

He is pissed !!!

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But I don’t care … the truth is, I am very very happy coz I made him stop doing that gross thing …

Yeahhh!!!!! ….

Yeah .. to hell with him!!!! …

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I must thank a friend who suggested me to blast off this fc*king sissy room mate with a full-throttle loudspeaker … which I did …

And hell yeah, he just stopped …

No sorry … Let him deal with hell tonight …

July 26, 2008

My room mate is having phone s*x!!!

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Sh*t!!! ….

He’s rolling on his bed like a d*ck sucker!! … Crazy motherf*cker d*ckhead!!! …

This is the millionth time he puckered on his phone … His other half on the phone must be the ugliest prostitute in this world … Such a lame, gross couple on earth …

They just cannot stop calling each other … and this fc*king sissy … unspeakable …

*(^&%*^$^$*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……..

July 25, 2008

The sh*t is rolling …

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… on my face literally!

My damn fc*king room mate can’t stop talking to his equally damn fc*king half on the other side of the telephone!

It’s really annoying hearing them talking in bullsh*t tone and fc*king words … in hours, non-stop! 

Sayang Kinabalu Lyric (Kimin Mudin)

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Tinggi tinggi Gunung Kinabalu,
Tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu,
Biru biru hujung Kinabalu,
Tengok dari jauh hati saya rindu.

Kinabalu dekat di Kundasang,
Banyak sayur bulih pilih pilih,
Apa guna pergi luar negeri,
Naik Kinabalu hati saya rindu.

Sumandak sumandak pun ramai menunggu,
Menari nari lenggang sumayau,
Sekali melihat melepak kulitnya,
Sayang jatuh cinta.

Sayang sayang sayang Kinabalu,
Kaamatan pesta bulan lima,
Sayang sayang kita pergi tamu,
Jalan Tamparuli hati saya rindu.

Repeat from paragraph 2, 1x …

Sayang sayang kita pergi tamu,
Jalan Tamparuli hati saya rindu.

Hey … Aramai Tii Lyric (Version Francis Landong)

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Mogitorungak mogiambalut,
Logot logoton haro poh tikidon,
Mogiaaampot tokou suminding,
Mogitatanud tokou sumayau,
Hey … aramai tii!

Mogiaaampot tokou suminding,
Mogikakambai tokou sumayau,
Mogipupuput om potiusan,
Mongoin’d ralaan kada pimpanau,
Hey … aramai tii!

Mogisisinding do karamaian,
Mogiampatai tokou momogitar,
Sopinanana sopidududu,
Sopidididi sopilalali,
Hey … aramai tii!

Iti noh giang oh koposion,
Koposion do hiti id kampung,
Aiso korosih aramai tomod,
Kada pomonsoi hodi taraat,
Hey … aramai tii!

Hey … aramai tii! ….

Repeat paragraph 3 and 4, 1x …

Aramai Tii Lyric (Version Abu Bakar Ellah @ Ampal)

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Moninggarung oku gisom kosuabon,
Moginum oku au moginum,
Oruol tuhu ku ontok kagutan,
Muli oku da nga aiso pananambangku.

Mamanau oku muli hilo walai,
Nakaruba oku songulun tumalib,
Haro boros dau monginggagaraat doho,
Karikot walai om haro araramai.

Aramai tii … ondosku om moninggarung,
Aramai tii … tau tau napatai tapaku,
Manasal oku, manasal oku,
Manasal oku, manasal oku.

Oi tambalutku tambalut ngawi,
Kada kousai miagal doho,
Manasal nopo manasal tiada guna,
Arasak romou aiso nodi guno.

Repeat paragraph 3, 1x …

Majelin Lyric (Bilingual Kadazan Song)

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Majelin … oh Majelin,
Alaid kito au nokopiruba,
Langadon oku nodi dika,
Oh Majelin, koupusanku.

Majelin … oh Majelin,
Okuro-kuro abar nu do baino,
Au koh nangku langadon doho,
Oh Majelin, koupusanku.

Soira ma’d haro kosiwatan,
Kanou kito miruba,
Atagak no la ti langadku,
Gisom koruba wagu,
Gisom koruba wagu.

Majelin … oh Majelin,
Lama sudah kita tak bertemu,
Aku rindu kepada dirimu,
Oh Majelin, kekasihku.

Majelin … oh Majelin,
Apa khabar dirimu disana,
Tidakkah kau rindu kepadaku,
Oh Majelin, kekasihku.

Bilakah ada masamu,
Dapat kita bertemu,
Hilanglah rindu hati ini,
Sampai bertemu lagi,
Sampai bertemu lagi.

Source: Own listening to the song.

Sh*tty internet!

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How could they called this place as a research centre? Everything is bad. From internet connection to social life, everything is so damn crazy! I am not even mentioning the lacklustre of equipment and spaces ….

And there is also a crazy d*ck-dean-head. Abusive head, as if he got the absolute power. Smooth talker, well he is, and a liar … an absolute vodka in destroying the reputation of this place …

Err … yeah, whatever … To hell with that! …

Unidentified Kadazan song

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Pamanau ka’m pamanau koh tomod,
Mininsodu koh di mantad doho,
Au koh nodi m’nomoduli doho,
Tu nakatangkid kono suai tuhun.

Nuai poh timpu paparati dika,
Kangku nga ilo poh au nu tinorimo,
Oluor no da ti ginawoku,
Miagal poh di waro timporon.

Baino nakarati oku noh,
Om au nodi sumusa ginawo poh,
Om au nogi momusorou dika,
Tu natagak o’ih pomusarahan ku.

Kada nodi kada suhut doho,
Yoku minsodu nodi mantad dika,
Tumanud ralan di tosonong,
Mongoi kasanangan ku’d tohuri tadau.

Repeat 1x …

The more I eat, the hungrier I became

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My digestive system must be spoiled!

I used to skip dinner on daily basis. I could stay energized the whole day without any heavy meal. I could live the day with an empty stomach. But try three meals a day and it will surely drag my feet to more food. Sometimes it really caught me when I am still craving and starving even though I am I already took three meals in a day! I never felt so much while on one or two meals diet …

Next time I am gonna keep it as a rule to have only one or two meals per day. Three meals are killing me …

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