July 11, 2008

Scandalous blog: Update

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The ‘owner’ of the blog has apparently aware that the blog has become a centre of nasty comments and hatred from visitors. I am not sure how he felt about it but today all posts and pictures have been deleted … 


July 10, 2008

Scandalous blog

Filed under: Blogroll, Scandalous — J Martin @ 3:59 pm

A friend forwarded to me a link to a very very scandalous blog.

I bet all the blog’s contents will surface sooner or later on HOT news, which probably may once again shake the nation like Anwar’s second sodomy case (err, not again). Title of the blog, “Hati Seorang Kekasih … Januari 2008”.

Click HERE for the blog.

Warning: Those who have high blood pressure are not advised to view the site due to worry of heart attack. Please, and please view it on your own accord.

Update (spoiler): These pictures will give you a feel …

Wtf????? … I mean, well, it’s their right to do anything they want, but just do it in private, ok? Don’t show it to the public coz it’s really really … ahemm … disturbing. And it’s Malaysia, not a western country.

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