September 16, 2007

I am lost !!

Filed under: Daily Life, Tension — J Martin @ 5:27 pm

Arrgggghhhh !!!!


Why this WordPress hard to manage? So many options here and there but it’s sucks. Now I am lost !!! Just now I tried to add categories to my postings but to no avail. I am totally lost now !!~ Why can’t I add categories????? Where the sh*t is the option?? Sucks …


What’s the hell with “Something strange happened. Try refreshing the page” Why I still cannot categorize it even though I’ve refreshed it billion times? This is so annoying.


September 9, 2007

I am not their slave

Filed under: Daily Life, Tension — J Martin @ 5:52 am

I felt like I am the one who got the most tasks in this house. I pay, I clean, I cook … almost like a slave. And what do I get? Nothing …

I am irritated, felt used and angry. Well, maybe this won’t be a big deal if they know how and do keep things clean and tidy. But mostly it’s me who got all these things done. Luckily I own my room, not sharing it with anybody else. If not, perhaps there’s nowhere else I can keep myself without being bothered with these ‘unclean’ spaces.

I also have a share on the TV (Astro). But who always got the channel? Never me. I only wasted my money.

I am just angry, tired, sick and tensed with these ‘little’ problems. And this doesn’t ends here because there’s a lot more ‘little’ problems … I just don’t want to mention it.

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