April 30, 2008

Stupid game for leisure time (during office hour)

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Hall of fame ….

Does anyone play this game?

Back to old name

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Last week I changed my site’s name but little I know the ‘change’ itself will affect all the widgets I put on this site …

I don’t know how (and I don’t want additional job) to get all these widgets sorted out following the name change so the best choice now is to undo the name change and let the widgets work as it used to be …

Looks like I have to stick with this old name … brand new old site …

Http://mostdangerousthings.blogspot.com/ ….

April 27, 2008

Bored …

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Here’s my weekend schedule …

Last night? Pizza in the house …

Today? Barbecue at friend’s house … but I didn’t go … why? Not enough heart to go …

Tomorrow? No plan yet … Probably sleeping a lot, just like today …


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A few new domain names for my blog …

But I haven’t felt satisfied … It seems that all the cool names were already taken by someone else ..

What else should I name this blog? I am tired with long name …

April 26, 2008

Pizzahut story continued – bad delivery

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This time, it turned out that they didn’t take our order seriously as it seems …

The delivery was late … and worse, they send us the wrong order!

So the delivery man went back to get the right order. I called the outlet to let them know my dissatisfaction about the wrong delivery and the person who answered my call assured me to get it right …

So, we (my friend and I) end up waiting for another hour! In the meantime, the supposed ‘supervisor’ called me three times to inquire whether the order was already delivered – where three times also I said NO, because it’s indeed not yet delivered … the delivery man was once again late! Almost an hour later the delivery man appears and give us the order …

Yet settled, because they miss another thing … but I fed up already, I didn’t do anything else because I don’t want to wait another hour!!

Such a bad service!!

Lesson: Next time I won’t pay through online bank, because they will take it easy when they already get the money! Better pay by cash …

April 25, 2008

A wedding invitation from a friend

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Another friend to marry!!

Previously there’s an invitation from another friend, also a wedding invitation …

Wishing all the best future for them ….

When is my turn?

*dreaming* I wish …

… hahahaha …

Not another pizza story

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And here we did it again …

It’s not that we love so much pizza, but since we’re getting bored with ever-the-same stuffs from the cafeteria, we have no other choice …

I wish there’s KFC online ordering/delivery nearby … or McDonald’s … or Nando’s, or anything else …

April 24, 2008

Sunday Law and the Beast

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Not trying to be religious today but I found an interesting article/e-book and it’s kind of prophetic … I think everyone deserve the chance to read it … BUT, read it on your OWN WILL and belief …

Since the article is very lengthy … I made a special blog out of it for you to read on …

Chapter 1 – The Two Horned Beast

Chapter 2 – The Beast Identified

Chapter 3 – The Beast Described

Chapter 4 – Dynamite

Chapter 5 – The MARK of the Beast

Chapter 6 – Image of the Beast

Chapter 7 – The Global Conflict

For more infos, click HERE. (This is the special blog I mentioned, complete with Appendices and Bibliography)

P/s: Sorry for bad editing. Later on I will update that very blog to make it presentable and readable to all.

April 23, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom Movie

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My review? Worth my money spent … RM10, at Golden Screen Cinema, Queensbay, Penang – 19th April 2008.

My favorite characters? Golden Sparrow and Ni-Chang, the White-Haired Assassin. Reason? Because they are lovely and skillful. Hehehe … I just changed my desktop wallpaper. *wink*

Lu Yan, The Drunken Immortal.

The Silent Monk/Sun Wukong, The Monkey King

Golden Sparrow.

The Jade Warrior.

Jason Triptikas, the traveler.

Ni-Chang, the White-Haired Assassin.

Source of Images: The Forbidden Kingdom Official Website.

Ghost stories, poems, celebrity pics, dating tips, funny lists etc

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If you wanted to find things such as:

  1. Relationships – tips, quizzes, help
  2. Family – lifestyles, parents
  3. Arts – arts & history
  4. Fear & Horror – ghost stories, phobias
  5. Career – guide, jobs, etc
  6. Health – health & fitness
  7. Science – google, yahoo
  8. Readings – poems, food, ghosts
  9. Sports Zone – games, scores
  10. Free E-mail – hotmail, yahoo, aol
  11. Recreation – google, recipes, yahoo
  12. News and Media – media, papers, news
  13. Travel – sites, hotels, etc
  14. Celebrity – sites, gossips
  15. Education – astalavista, yahoo
  16. Search – msn, digg, google
  17. Fortune Teller – free telling
  18. Funny Lists – funny lists, jokes
  19. Royalty Free – royalty free pictures
  20. Photo Gallery – tons of pics

You can click HERE and you will see a nice website containing all these stuffs.

Problem swept entire state was worth RM40 only?

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A huge blackout has swept Sabah on Monday.

The cause? Some stupid people stole (removed) steel pieces from a 132kV transmission tower that led to its collapse, triggering a major power blackout lasting nearly six hours from 6.41pm and affecting 300,000 consumers.

“… (the steel pieces are) about RM40 in scrap value but they (the thieves) caused huge losses and inconvenience to the people …”

Entire state problem for only RM40?? These idiots should be electrocuted to their skeletons … then we can use their skeletons to make up the transmission tower …

Source of story: The Star Online.

Masturbation may prevent prostate cancer (Male readers only – 18SX)

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Caution: This is for men only … and don’t take this as my own posting … 😛

Source: Yahoo!

SUMMARY: Researchers find that men who masturbate frequently are at a reduced risk of cancer.

Frequent masturbation may help men cut their risk of contracting prostate cancer, Australian researchers have found. It is believed that carcinogens may build up in the prostate if men do not ejaculate regularly, BBC News reported on Wednesday. The researchers surveyed more than 1,000 men who had developed prostate cancer, and 1,250 men who had not. They found that men who had ejaculated the most between the ages of 20 and 50 were the least likely to get cancer. Men who ejaculated more than five times each week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Sexual intercourse may not have the same effect because of the higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, which could in turn raise the risk of cancer. “Had we been able to remove ejaculations associated with sexual intercourse, there should have been an even stronger protective effect of ejaculations,” Graham Giles of the Cancer Council Victoria, who led the researchers, said in the article.

The prostate produces a fluid that is incorporated into ejaculation, which activates sperm and prevents them from sticking together. Studies on animals have shown that carcinogens like 3-methylchloranthrene can be harbored in the prostate. Frequent ejaculation encourages the cancer-inducing fluids to “flush out.” (The Advocate)


No comment …

April 21, 2008

Happy belated birthday!

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To my blog …

It’s been a year (and few days) since I started blogging …

Happy belated birthday!!

Sexually explicit!

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This is what they called sexually explicit … is it?

The sexed thing! Sex, Porn, Naked, Gay, Lesbian and all …

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This is just a test …

Let see how many traffic I will get if I put sexed words in this blog.

Alright, so here’s the list:

  1. Masturbation … masturbate
  2. Gay … Lesbian
  3. Porn movies … porn pictures
  4. Naked men … naked women, sexually explicit ..
  5. Sex
  6. Gambar terlampau
  7. Gambar terdedah

Just don’t blame me, ok? This is not a 18SX rated post.

Super Model Search 2008 – Queensbay Penang

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Views from upper floor.

Digi FearFactor at Queensbay Penang

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View from second floor.

Snakes on the racks.

Yellow python on the floor.

Crunchy eh? Biting and eating themselves like crazy.


Another snake.


Yet another snake.

April 20, 2008

Movie marathon

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Not really …

Last night we went out to watch movies … Two movies actually, the first one was Congkak, a local-made horror movie and the second was Forbidden Kingdom. I actually wasn’t interested with the first one but since they wanted to watch it before Forbidden Kingdom, I have no other choice other than accepting the ‘package’ …

Well, the first movie was indeed terrible (I already expect it) … I actually laughed but it’s not because the movie was funny, it’s because I pity myself for surrendering to almost two hours of torture …

Luckily the second movie wasn’t as bad as the first one …

End of life

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Today we decided to be a little more creative with my multi-purpose kettle …

A friend suggested we try fish soup so we went to night market nearby to buy everything we could think of …

9.00 PM. Everything seems alright during the cooking process until suddenly the whole block went black!

Guess what? We just surprised everyone with blackout! … Hahaha …

I am already giving up because I don’t want to cause more trouble but they insist we should try again, at another room … so, they bring the whole stuff to the nearby pantry …

And guess what? The moment they switch on the kettle, a loud bang heard and spark came out from the kettle! And again, the whole black out! Hahaha ….

It’s quite terrifying but we laughed and hushed each other because we don’t want to be found out as culprit of the whole incident ….

End of story, the fishes were actually/finally cooked but the taste was not really up to expectation as we didn’t have the chance to fix it after it short-circuited … but they still ate it … pity them! Hahaha …

End of life for my multi-purpose kettle … sad but exhilarating!

April 16, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI visits America

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A historical visit. Facts (quoted from Yahoo! news):

  1. “… the first papal White House visit in 29 years” … “Benedict XVI became just the second pope to visit the White House and the first to come … in nearly three decades”
  2. “Usually a president waits for no one, but Bush watched patiently from the red carpet as the papal motorcade departed ahead of his own”
  3. “President Bush made the unusual gesture of greeting Benedict at Andrews Air Force Base — the first time he has welcomed a foreign leader there”
  4. “The ceremony will include 22 leaders of other faiths, including Jewish, Muslim, Greek Orthodox and Episcopalian leaders”
  5. “… trip to the United States as leader of the world’s Roman Catholics”
  6. “… Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Jain and Hindu leaders scheduled to meet Benedict on Thursday at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center”

Indeed historical, right? … Anything to be expected? Hmm … (wondering) …

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