December 22, 2008

im caught, finally …

Filed under: Daily Life — J Martin @ 12:24 am

on my way back to hostel just now, a guard on his bike noticed me in the dark …

our conversation (not in english obviously) …

that guard: hey you … are you a student here?
me: yes …
that guard: which year? … (he assumed me as an undergraduate)
me: postgraduate ..
that guard: (silent for a while, then he spoke) … your hair is too long …
me: umm … (i smiled at him)

and then i just walked away like nothing ever happened … the guard didn’t bother to speak any further.

nobody ever mentioned anything about my hair previously … i’ve met with so many guards before during the days and nobody ever mention about my hair. just now it was in the dark (midnight) yet that particular guard noticed it and mentioned it (for the first time) …

……….. im wondering ….


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