December 17, 2008

superstition …

Filed under: Miscellaneous — J Martin @ 8:59 pm

a night visitor came into the room just now. not a human being actually. it was a butterfly. not a moth. kinda strange coz i know butterfly usually won’t fly around at night (they will only fly around in broad daylight). it circled the room for a while, then rested on the wall for about 15 minutes before i wave towards it to make it go away …

i remember some old folks at my hometown used to tell us kids that this strange ‘night visitor’ (only butterfly, not sure about moth) foretells about an incoming surprise guest(s) on the next day. but as kids, we never give a sh*t about it. and i myself have never done any investigation to prove the truth.

im not a superstitious person. i don’t think anyone will make a special visit for me tomorrow. but i will be glad to open the door if anyone wants to surprise me. my friends mostly are away this week (some of them went to some conferences here and there) so they won’t be able to ‘visit’ me tomorrow. the rest of them surely won’t have time to visit me because i know they are busy with their own jobs and stuffs. furthermore, it is only thursday tomorrow so it’s very unlikely for me to get a visitor.

i have a ‘date’ this coming weekend. but it’s a planned event, not a surprise.

well … hopefully i’ll have a surprise guest tomorrow … it’ll be fun i hope …


i searched on the internet just now about the superstition of butterfly flying at night. what i found was kind of scary. “The Celts believed that seeing a butterfly flying at night meant death” …

omg …


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