December 17, 2008

it’s 1-1 … i won yesteday, i lose today …

Filed under: Miscellaneous — J Martin @ 9:34 pm

i guess i am too soft-hearted today. perhaps my mind changed a bit.

yesterday i was kind of evil. someone called me in the morning but i didn’t pick it up. i ignored it although the phone rang for a couple of minutes.

today i got a call again. in the afteroon. from the same person. this time i answered it. however i let the phone rang for a few seconds before i answered it. gave some delay to give impression that im a busy person. actually i was kind of hesitant to pick it up because i already made myself promise not to take call from that person anymore. but maybe i thought that i could give some kind of ‘charity’ today so i answered it anyway.

we talked short. i didn’t really have anything to say … i was like, yes .. no … um … okay. it was basically one word reply from me. done with monotone voice.

so it ended abruptly. the last words weren’t from me. but i didn’t care. it was like ‘oh i see you’re busy’ … and the call ended.

i was kind of regretting after the call. perhaps it would be better if i didn’t answer it.

well, im not expecting another call again. but im convinced that that person will give me another call tomorrow.

it’s 1-1 now … probably it will be 2-1 tomorrow. i just hope that that #2 is on my side.


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