November 6, 2008

crazy morning …

Filed under: Daily Life — J Martin @ 11:46 am

didn’t feel good last night …

this morning i woke up late at around 7am … well, it’s late for me coz i already used to wake up at 6 or 6.30am every morning ….

washed my clothes after morning shower … then rushed to office at around 8am … forgot to wash my mouth with listerine, i was in such a hurry i only think about going to office as early as i can before anyone else but that’s only what i hoped, coz so many people were there already before me … down one point …

i did brushed my teeth … it’s my habit to wash my mouth with listerine after brushing my teeth, just to make sure my breath won’t stink in the morning but today i didn’t … i totally forgot …

8.20am, went breakfast alone … but was then invited to join a group of girls there at the cafeteria … they were already there before me so they invited me to sit with them … i was a bit reluctant and shy but to make them happy, i agreed …

around 9am, i sat down in front of my pc trying to concentrate and do my works … well, i only managed to do few things before everything went so boring and killed me …

10am – 11am … went around, catching up with friends a.k.a colleagues … after few minutes with them i went back to my cubicle and packed my stuffs … 

11.15am … went back to hostel …

now im sitting here finishing this post …


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