October 19, 2008

faithful washing machine and other rambling …

Filed under: Miscellaneous — J Martin @ 10:07 pm

non-stop working, queue after queue … such a faithful washing machine …

my friend told me it’s unhygienic to use public washing machine … he told me he never use public washing machine coz it cannot be trusted … me too doesn’t really like to use washing machine coz i too believe it’s not really efficient but at certain time being i was rather left optionless so i’ll just dump all my clothes on it and let it do what it got to do …

this is the only second time in a week i use machine to wash my clothes … i don’t hv time to do the chores coz i am always busy nowadays – busy with work and sport – … and frankly i am kinda lazy too …

today i took long nap yet again … kinda grumpy, it was raining in the afternoon … i had hoped it won’t rain in the afternoon coz i wanted to power-test my new tennis racket but nature took my way, so nothing else i could do …

went up to pasar malam instead … bought quite a lot food … all goreng to perfection (copying someone from the radio) … bought green apples too, kinda my fav, especially those smaller ones coz it taste better than the red, bigger ones …

im a bit quilty of myself …i feel ravenous all the time … i guess my appetite fanned by daily intake of vitamin c … 

food is everywhere too … friends are all around … they made me eat a lot … they ‘scheduled’ me to take meals a lot …

im just afraid my active lifestyle cannot compensate the ever growing fat inside me anymore …


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