September 14, 2008

I want to axe someone …

Filed under: Miscellaneous — J Martin @ 7:40 pm

I used to have this friend. He’s younger than me. From another state. A new convert. Well … I have many times helped him. Little things and big things. Like money problem. He had many times begged me to lend him money. He owes me quite a lot. More than a hundred ringgit. Remained unpaid until today. And until today he’s nowhere to be found. I have tried to call him at many times but he never picked up any of it.

I am not a rich kid. Every cents worth a lot to me. But I am not that selfish. I have had many times spent a lot money for my good friends. And I never asked them to pay me back. For the things I gave them for free … and on my own will …

But sometimes when they ask for it unduly, I will expect them to pay back. Most of my friends understand it. And they will pay me back in time. Yes some of them tend to pay late. But actually I don’t really care, as long as I get my money back. And as long as they value my trust. 

But this fella seems to totally forgets about it. Never heard anything from him since the last time we met. 

This fella and I share quite a lot friends. Mutual friends. I haven’t told my other friends about my problem with this fella. I don’t want to smear this fella beforehand.  

But I guess I need to wait until my patience worn out. Till then, I’ll do whatever necessary to get my money backk …


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