September 13, 2008

Totally exhausted

Filed under: Daily Life, Sport — J Martin @ 10:08 pm

We took extra time playing tennis today. The weather was good. Hot even. Clear blue sky with only few thin coulds. And scorching afternoon sun.

At the end of our tennis session, I was totally exhausted. Totally flatted … Almost unable to walk back to the hostel ….

Buddy asked me to have dinner with him and his friend (who joined us later) right after the game. Initially I was hesitant because I usually don’t take meal right after a game. I was still tired. Still sweating all over … and besides, I was not really thinking about dinner (although I was totally exhausted). But I joined them anyway. Buddy then called his other friends to join us. And sure enough, they all came to join us. All foreigners, all strangers to me. I’m the only one local bred (buddy is a foreigner too). I stayed on and acted cool. 

I reluctantly bought a plate of food. A small scoop of rice, some vegs and a thin fillet of I-don’t-know-what-kind-of fish. And three glasses of drinks. Yes three big glasses of drinks. Two apple juice, and one kiwi juice. I drank all within a minute. I was thirsty. Really thirsty. I was totally dried out by the scorching afternoon sun. 

I thought I was hungry, but I wasn’t. I thought I can eat the whole plate of food, but I was wrong. I was even unable to chow the first bite. I totally wasted it. The first bite almost made me throw up. I then put it aside. Untouched. I know I shouldn’t waste it. But what to do? I asked my friend to take it, but he said he was already full. I thought of bringing it back to my room. But at the end, I left it. Just like that … such a big waste I know …

We did talked. Quite a lot. Using Engrish. English fused with rich Asian dialects. Different slangs. One of Thailand slang. Another of Vietnam. Another of Sri Lanka. And another of I-don’t-know-what-else. My English isn’t good either. But I thought mine is quite good from the rest (sans grammar). 

We then parted after dinner.


What did I get? …  just a little proud of myself of being able to mingle so well with them. 


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