September 1, 2008

Missed dishes & other ramblings …

Filed under: Miscellaneous — J Martin @ 9:02 pm

… got a little problem on posting since few days ago. Something wrong with my Opera (and my blog) I guess …

There’s so much to post I am overwhelmed. I think I better leave it for now, hopefully it will come back to me at right time so I can post it nicely.

Here’s some of the stuffs I missed (to post):

  1. Independent Day, 31 August …
  2. The start of fasting month for my Muslim friends 
  3. BBQ nite – I dared myself in an attempt to sing a duet with a friend, which I badly sung … hahaha … (the second time I sung in public) …

Current issues:

  1. Extended holiday … which is today, the day I dated someone … 😛 *wink* … 
  2. Ping pong game … I enjoyed it very much because it’s quite challenging … a new sport for me …
  3. It’s raining season … I used to enjoy rain but now no more, especially in the afternoon … because it prevents me from playing tennis …
  4. Mulling over my long hair … can’t stop think about it everyday. I am just afraid it’ll get me into trouble with security later on … I just hate the rules here …
  5. My current obsession with radio … actually it started a few days ago. It’s a result of me being bored of no entertainment since my headphone broke. I have a loudspeaker but I cannot use it because my roomate don’t like it … well, I guess I need to respect him because he respected me too as it seems … he knows what I don’t like about him and he’s being carefull not to offend me… I used the ‘radio feature’ on my handphone … still using earphone though … smaller earphone …
  6. Another obsession … reading Anthony Robbins’s Unlimited Power … actually I am re-reading it, I have read it once long time ago but I just didn’t manage to read it till the final chapter …

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