September 1, 2008

Do you believe two persons can co-exist peacefully without ever talking to each other?

Filed under: Miscellaneous — J Martin @ 10:23 pm

If you don’t believe it, then believe it now. Me and my (current) roomate are a perfect example. It’s been a while we don’t talk to each other, yet everything goes on perfectly. No quarrel, no murder, no fight, none whatsoever … we just co-exist together peacefully like a two mute persons living together. But then mute persons will use sign language to communicate if they want/need it – which we don’t. We don’t have any contact at all … it’s as if neither of us acknowledges the existence of each other in this room … 

I think he understands what I don’t like about him. And he dare not to provoke me (I did erupted once before because he annoyed me so much – which made us not in speaking term until now) … So now he’s being careful not to make me erupt again … 

Well, he deserves my respect … which I did. It’s a good thing we don’t fight … sometimes we nod to each other (but awkwardly) when we meet somewhere else … but no talking. Frankly I don’t have anything to talk to him because he’s a bit reclusive … I don’t want to make him uncomfortable of forced talk … (I don’t want to create awkward situation) …

One thing I like/respect about him is that he’ll go out from the room everytime he got call or if he wanted to make a call (long ones) … he knew absolutely (he learned actually) that I don’t like to hear him talking on the phone for hours …

I guess this will stay on until I am out of this place … 

At least we’re living peacefully … It’s already better than getting hard feeling everyday …


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