August 26, 2008

DS Anwar Ibrahim wins big time in Permatang Pauh by-election

Filed under: Politics — J Martin @ 9:38 pm

Personally I don’t like and trust DS Anwar Ibrahim but lets face the reality. He just won the Permatang Pauh by-election with bigger majority (compared to his wife’s majority last time).

Well, he’s the one people in Permatang Pauh want as their leader. So be it …

Let’s just hope that:

  1. He will serve the people or rakyat, NOT otherwise … remember it’s now ketuanan rakyat, NOT ketuanan menteri-menteri
  2. He will not sell this country to whoever wanted to take control of this country … (as allegedly by someone)
  3. He will develop this country. I mean the whole country, not only a particular state or area in favour to him.
  4. He will catalyze the unification of all people in this country, regardless of religion and race, particularly the citizen of Malaysia.

These also apply to every MPs selected by the rakyat. Every MPs should know and do rightfully their responsibilities.

One more thing, DO NOT misuse the mandate given by the rakyat, otherwise you’ll be damned in hell …


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