August 14, 2008

Desperate – another lame post

Filed under: Miscellaneous — J Martin @ 10:35 pm

Yeahh … I am a fool. Now everything’s gone …

Kinda disappointing, but that’s the real thing. Can’t help but submit to fate. It’s written all over … no room for me. I don’t deserve happiness …

I am kidding … hehehe … in fact, it’s kinda lame and stupid writing all these words. Not my type, but I am writing it now. Well, perhaps I am caught in a swirl of fishnet, can’t escape but let myself entangled in it till I dry out. Or till somebody come and help me escape. But I don’t deserve happiness right? Perhaps somebody will come but not to make me escape unscatched … perhaps there will be little (I hope) cuts and wounds. But hell yeah … what’s my other options? Do I have any?

It’s dangerous playing fire with fire, yes indeed. Especially when there’s no fire extinguisher around. Once you’re caught in it, you can never able to escape until you become ashes. So, the best option is to get out from it as sooner and quickly as you can, never mind with the cuts and slight burns because it’s better than later; as it’ll become worse if you wait longer … the sooner you escape, the smaller wounds you’ll get, if any. But did I let myself escape sooner?

Well, maybe … but I jumped too deep. My bad … it was such a hurry. Now I got deeper wound. But it’s alright … because I know what to do. Well, I am experienced after all, right?


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