July 3, 2008

Understanding the homosexuals (this is not related to the current HOT issue) …

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Taken from New Sabah Times. By author: Unknown (Anyone?) Let me know …


NO ONE in his right mind encourages homosexuality, a taboo subject.

It is plain why. We might not witness the consequence of love between the same sexes now. But after a generation the human race will disappear from the face of the Earth because homosexuality does not produce any off springs. We don’t fancy a world without people.

We don’t generally disapprove homosexuality either. Not only that, we have tremendous sympathy towards them, particularly those of us for many years have friends who are homosexuals.

The experience tells us that preference for the same sex is inborn. Gay people don’t like their own sex is nothing anybody can do anything about.

We can’t blame people who are born with taste and style different from us.

We accept our homosexual friends the same way they accept us, as natural as breathing. We are never bias towards one another because of our sexual preferences.

It has never occurred to us that one of our best friends is gay when we first got to know him. He is as ordinary as the next guy with no trace of being effeminate. We have been to movies, shopping, chit-chatting at the cafe etc. We think of him as good male company.

He has been such a good friend for a couple of years until one day when he came to us, downtrodden. After several cups of coffee, he disclosed, I’ve been jilted.

Which girl did that to him? We named all the girls we knew but each time he shook his head. Strange, we thought, So, he had a mysterious girlfriend we never met.

Finally he said, Why must you think it’s a girl? We were stuck dumb for two seconds. Then after more coffee, we thought, Alamak, there goes one of our best male company.

The feeling that followed was an immediate understanding and acceptance of his new status. We are old friends again like before.

Because we knew his person before we do his inclination, we are not prejudicial towards the homosexual. Though initially we might be put-off, to oppose homosexuality is not a good cause, especially when we know it’s something we cannot change. And after all it’s all about peaceful co-existence.

We are adults. We do whatever we like and our choice of partners is not forced upon us. Because their preferences and habits are different from us and we oppose them?

Gay people have long been discriminated by society. The pressure upon their psyche has been close to intolerable.

But whatever they do, they have not harmed us. They have not inflicted pain upon the masses. Why must we condemn them thereby aggravate their torture?

We need not assume because AIDS was presumably started by them, we must blame them or even hate them. We need to bear in mind that men who are not strictly homosexual or even bisexual have helped to spread the disease.

If we believe the Creator, all sufferings in the world are started by Him and Him alone. If we must blame, blame Him. But the question remains, we just don’t.


My comments: Err … I just don’t know what to comment …


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  1. i like this topic, and goshh..i like your blog. I believe in creator, and I believe some of them born with that abnormal sexual instinct, like I believe all of us born with some weakness and strength. Life give us a chance to change and decide our life, if they make a wrong decision, thats mean they choose to suffer.

    Comment by amirahsyuhada — July 22, 2008 @ 12:57 pm

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