June 15, 2008

Mr Lonely and boring weekend

Filed under: Daily Life — J Martin @ 9:41 pm

Nothing much I can do here except sleeping and eating. Luckily I have tennis as daily sport to cheer myself up. Only a handful of occupants living here. Basically this place is dead. Silent and quiet, like everyday. Most of my posts are centered on myself, because nothing happened around me … it’s me and myself making most of the events …

Luckily the internet is ok. I can’t bear to imagine my life here without internet. Life without internet is like living in a deserted island, nothing to do beside staring at the empty ocean and thinking everyday about being unlucky, no hope and boring.

With the recent oil price hike, I have to keep myself centered around the campus. No more enjoyment at the town. I don’t own a car but my friend has. But obviously he wanted to save up now. More walking, less vehicle … I don’t complain because it’s what we supposed to get used to …

My schedule for tomorrow says I should be at the office. But my boss has already flown to Italy, so it’s all up to me what I wanted to do for the next one and a half month here … Hehehe …

Last time I thought that I might consider living here instead of living close to my family. Money matter, of course. But after I came back from holiday, I thought it would be nicer to live close with them, have a nice job there because I already have a responsibility to bear … I want to build up the rest of my life there … They (my family) also encouraged me to consider job there, but let see what going to happen with me this coming months.

I have a lot opportunity here and there. Living expenses might be quite different but I think it should not a big deal while I am close to home. I can always have free supply, hehehe …. But of course I don’t want to rely on them forever … Being independent is one thing, starting own family is second thing … growing old is another thing … and else? Nothing will last forever, right?


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