June 14, 2008

Home – Good and bad

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Good things:

  1. I seldom feel bored. Many things to do, many walks, many visits, many talks, many jobs, many people, many relatives, many pets, many pleasant things, etc …
  2. Food. Most of the time the food is tasty, but sometimes it can be very plain. Good thing I am not a picky-eater, so basically everything is good to me … Got bosou, tuhau and other mouth watering local dishes …
  3. Seldom left alone. Got a bunch of nephews and nieces. Proud to say I am a quite popular uncle among them, haha … But sometimes they can be annoying though …
  4. Becoming trustworthy and can be relied on. Proud moment … respects from people, relatives, etc …
  5. Basically I am on my own when it comes to choosing daily chores. But sometimes there’s no other option, so I have to do whatever they want me to do whether it’s pleasant or not …
  6. Pleasant weather, whether it’s raining or dry. If it’s raining, I can bunk on my bed all day long … if it’s sunny or hot, I can always go swimming … Never complain … Whatever weather is good, unless we have something rather important things to do …
  7. Full resources for my hobby. Photography. Trekking. Etc …
  8. What else?

Bad things:

  1. Have to wake up early, everyday. No chance for late wake up because somebody will knock my door to wake me up. They won’t stop until I open the door or at least made a woke-up-already sound. Sometimes can be very frustating … arghhh!!
  2. Still under command of the big boss. Last time I am under his strict command, but now its become lesser and lesser because sometimes I retaliate when I can’t stand it, or deviate him to something unrelated, hehehe … I am a grown up, so basically I can decide myself about everything, right?
  3. Become a minor. Sibling rivalry or fight, that’s it … not a big issue actually, but sometimes they treated me like I am still a small kid. WTF? I am 26 yrs old already. Well, I am the second youngest in the family (not counting nephews and nieces), so basically it’s always me and my not-so-little brother become the target. Luckily I know how to dodge every shoot aimed at us … Watching them launching ‘war’ at each other was not really amusing …
  4. Neighbour free-roaming dogs. Fierce dogs. Enough said.
  5. Bad telephone reception.
  6. No internet connection … Can’t complain though … It’s understandable …
  7. What else?

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