May 15, 2008

Local interests

Filed under: Politics — J Martin @ 1:50 am

It’s regarding local politics and my very own home state …

  1. Oil royalty from 5% to 20%. But another recent news reported that the royalties to oil-producing states will not be reviewed, meaning the old and pitiful 5% will stay. Who to blame?
  2. Illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries … This has been long reported and complained to Gov but … (wondering, is there any action taken yet?) … Or maybe it is illegal to talk about these illegals?? Who knows?
  3. Some low class MPs. How come they ever qualified to be representatives in the Parliment with such low-class/stupid/uncivilized attitudes? Oh, I see .. It’s the election, right?
  4. Where should I put my next words? I am already feeling illegal here …

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