March 12, 2008

The real roots

Filed under: Kadazan Dusun, Thoughts — J Martin @ 11:43 pm

Tanak Dusun ka nga amu ih ma koilo do mimboros Dusun.
Tanak Dusun ka nga amu ih ma karati Dusun.
Tanak Dusun ka nga mibooros ih ma Malayu.
Tanak Dusun ka nga mimboros ih ma Nonggiris.
Osonong da do koilo ngai mimboros Dusun, Nonggiris, Malayu om suai ngai …

Nokuro gia molohing tokou tu amu minongubas dati mimboros Dusun di laid?
Nokuro gia molohing tokou tu minongubas dati Malayu kampung di laid?
Nokuro gia tu binarasan yati do ‘Saya saput kau!’ di laid?

These are just few words to show how much our own identity eroded by assimilating others identities. Why in the beginning our mothers and fathers talked to us in ‘alien’ language as if we are not part of the original community?

I think they assumed that by speaking other language to their kids, they helped modernize their kids.

I remember in the past (still now) almost all parents in the neighborhood talked ‘Malayu‘ to their kids. Good if they teach proper Malay, but it’s always campur-campur, mix Dusun with Malay and in the end, almost nobody talking correctly/properly … It’s more obvious to newer generations … I am lucky because my parents didn’t talk Malayu to me at all … My not-so-little-anymore brother now talking in Malayu because my parents used to speak Malayu with him in the past … But sometimes I hear him trying to talk Dusun to his fellow Dusun-based friends …

It’s not that knowing other-than mother-tongue language is bad, it’s just better if we don’t lost our own identity because it’s not good if someone pointed us as aliens among our very own community …



  1. that right..more of our younger generation today can’t speak in dusun language properly..even me, my dusun language is still “sampur2” with malayu language..my grandmother is in the age of 70 something, and she cant speak in other language except for dusun language, that causes me a problem when i have a conversation with her..haha..what that i do was..anguk2 kepala sja..because she is using a more “dalam” dusun language…..sorry if my grammer is bad..

    Comment by gaman — January 10, 2009 @ 12:06 am

  2. manu da tokou dot koilo taanganak tokou mimboros mogisuai boros…NGA..kada gisom atagak dati kointutunan..suab-suab hara monguhot nu bangsa..Dusun ka..but i dont know to speak even a word…mantad t agayo da konsikahan kuma molohing dit mongubas tangayanak dau moboros dusun..konsikou

    Comment by tuluntokou — February 25, 2009 @ 12:13 pm

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