March 9, 2008

What’s my rights?

Filed under: Politics — J Martin @ 2:06 pm

Until now I don’t know exactly what’s my rights as a rightful citizen of Malaysia. Am I free to speak about anything without having to worry about ISA or something like that? In the past, those who ‘offend’ the government will be detained under ISA, or at least by police.

There’s a phrase – freedom of speech. But do I really have the freedom to talk anything I like, or anything I don’t like about government?

Only those in power have the right to say anything they wanted to say, and tell people to follow their order …

Me, as a minor, perhaps can only bring a little or worse none at all, to the future … This is NOT TRUE, I hope …

Even in my workplace (cum study-place), the big boss always have the final word of whatever decision … and most of it are concerning his own thing only … he’s the big shark, and we are the small fry … he can do whatever he wanted to do and as he wish … but I hope in the future he’ll shot down so he can feel whatever sufferings we have under his rule … hehehe


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