February 29, 2008

Little birds sad story – thing I’ve never cared before …

Filed under: Miscellaneous — J Martin @ 6:55 pm

A nearby tree with a nest on top (previously). Today the nest fall down to the ground and I took the effort to put it back right up there (shown in the picture) because I pity the three flightless small black nestlings inside the nest. I know a cat resides nearby will eventually notice them and they will probably get eaten if the cat find them first.

One of the nestlings. It jumped out from the nest while I’m putting the nest back to the tree. I guess this little guy was too frightened with me and took the plunge. I didn’t manage to catch the guy back because he was tricky and got himself hiding under an air conditioner nearby. I snapped this picture while he was trying to surface.

Half an hour later, I checked the place again and this is what I saw. A cat was already there! I guess the cat had already noticed the unfortunate event and I think the little guy who jumped out was already in the cat stomach. Too bad I didn’t check earlier ….

It’s raining, but the cat didn’t move. I think the cat is waiting for the two other to jump out, or maybe the cat was thinking way to get up to the tree and have another feast. Without any delay, I shoo the cat away.

I think the cat will come back again, but I already made the effort … At least they won’t get eaten too soon …


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