January 7, 2008

Bits of storyline to last conference in Kuching, Sarawak

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Crowne Plaza, venue for the conference.

Holiday Inn, just opposite to the Crowne Plaza. I stayed at the Holiday Inn for the days and nights there.

Kuching North City Cats Statue.

Holiday Inn. Look like every corners of Kuching City have cats statue. Well, no surprise … because ‘Kuching’ or kucing in Malay word – means cat.

Little man-made fountain on the left of the hotel entrance.

Holiday Inn entrance. Taken after check-out on my last day there.

Siang Siang Food Court. We ate our lunch there on our way to the airport, Kuching Airport on my last day there. A special lunch, Laksa Sarawak.

Crowds, checking in.

The interior building design’s almost identical to those of Terminal 2 building, Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

Yeah, no mistake. I felt as if I was at the Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

Gate 1. Still far, and no moving walkway … This is quite different though …

Our plane, seen from the terminal building.

Queuing up.

Not our plane.

After landing at Penang International Airport. Waiting for our luggage to come.

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