January 6, 2008

Full storyline to last conference in Kuching, Sarawak

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Moments after take-off from Penang International Airport.

About two hours later, around 8.00 PM. It’s already dark outside. I can only see the plane’s engine. Almost reach Kuching, Sarawak, I assume.

Everybody’s just woke up. It’s 2 hours flight, so basically everyone’s in deep rest during the flight. It’s just announced that we’ll be landing shortly at Kuching International Airport. I was a bit nervous because I’ve never been to Kuching before.

Just arrived. Holiday Inn, Kuching Sarawak. First impression of my hotel room. Not bad, is it?

Got a little squabble in the hotel reception counter regarding the authorization of the credit card I used to pay the hotel room. They want the proof of me using my boss’s credit card and I didn’t bring it because I thought it would be unnecessary because it’s already full-paid. Luckily they still gave me the room. The next day my boss faxed the copy to the hotel.

Morning on the next day. View from my hotel room. Well, nice view.
Kuching River’s wide open.

Post-conference activity is roaming around Kuching City.
First snap of the day, a Christmas tree. Yay!

Next spot – Kuching South City Council Cat Statue. The big white cat was ‘waving’ tirelessly to everyone passing by.

Another spot – Cat Museum, located in Kuching’s North City Hall.
Scenic view over Kuching City.

Apparently nobody’s around. Or is it closed for the day?

Next – After tired with ‘loneliness’ at the Cat Museum, we went to another place. Malaysia-China Friendship Park near Tabuan Heights.

Monument of a mighty hero – Admiral Cheng Ho. Dedicated to the friendships between Malaysia and The People’s Republic of China.

China? I wish.

The last day (Sunday morning) at the hotel. Christmas-themed decorations at the hotel lobby.

Moment after check-out from the hotel.

Pottery shop, on the way to the airport. I bought some pottery.

On the way to the airport.

Kuching International Airport’s entrance.

Few minutes after take-off from Kuching International Airport.

Hills beneath me.

What’s the dark shadow on the sea?

Oh, it’s the river!

The clouds beneath me.

Blue sky high, but I am higher. And zzzz!!~ …..

View from the sky.

2 hours later, still in-flight. Almost reach Penang.

Just landed at Penang International Airport.

Welcome back!

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