December 21, 2007

Tips from the net on how to keep fit (and healthy) – for men

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Here’s some of the tips:

  1. Maximize your flavor – mix up your salads. Try cabbage instead of lettuce.
  2. Join a gym
  3. Deny hunger pangs – The more you hold out, the easier temptations become to ignore.
  4. Take small steps – Focus on one goal at a time. Building muscle can pack on fat, so use cardio-heavy fat shedding phases to look cut.
  5. Find role model – They can show you it’s possible to look the way they you want, if you eat right and exercise.
  6. Be consistent – Find a program you think will work for you, and stick to it, no matter what.
  7. Take the hard part – Compete with yourself. When you touch the bar, raise it a little higher.
  8. Train like it’s a real thing – Intervals workouts and long runs boast speed, but practicing the exact distance you’ll race lets you know exactly what to expect.
  9. Shock your body – Your body adapts if you are doing the same thing all the time. Once you are good at running, try biking.
  10. Start out slow – Too many people start hard and burn out early. Set small goals until you’re up and running.
  11. Cook your own meals – Preparing your own meals gives you the ultimate control over your diet.
  12. Use workouts as reminders – It’s less tempting to cheat if you feel like you’re sabotaging a recent gym session.
  13. Shore up your weaknesses
  14. Don’t finish dinner – Chain restaurants give you close to double the portion size you actually need, so don’t feel any pressure to finish it.
  15. Expand your grocery list – Some of the healthiest and most satisfying eats may be the ones you’ve been shunning for years.
  16. Evaluate your diet – Halfway to your goal, take time to assess what’s working and what isn’t.
  17. Lift heavy – Working your muscles hard helps you gain lean mass as you lose weight.
  18. Know your body – If you’re fixated on a specific sweet treat, that’s just a craving you should ignore. But if you’re plain hungry, it’s time to refuel.
  19. Get away from your bad habits – Just find your own sanctuary for dodging temptation.
  20. Pay attention to your body after meals – Foods that make you feel bloated and tired will sap your energy during workouts.
  21. Make your mental fitness a priority – Visualizing your goal takes the same discipline as eating healthy.
  22. Use common sense – Fast food and candy will make you fat. It’s not rocket science.
  23. Rotate your training intensity – Give yourself one recovery week a month.
  24. Set a near-impossible goal – Nothing motivates you like facing a 140.6-mile race.
  25. Play ball – Competition-even pickup games-can kickstart your weight-loss goals. The fitter you are, the more you win.
  26. Cook ahead
  27. Ask for help – Make sticking to your diet easier – convince your family and friends to join you in your healthy meal plan.
  28. Lift as you lose – Lifting weight – even light weights – can help tighten loose skin.
  29. Change it up – If you plateau on the scale, alter your diet to nudge your body back into weight-loss mode.
  30. Discover new cuisine – There are dozens of ways to cook chicken, and most are healthier than frying.
  31. Ease into the new you – Motivation is great, but changing your diet too quickly will increase cravings and set you up for failure.
  32. Look beyond the menu – When dining in a restaurant, ask the server how the meals are prepared. “Sauteed” probably means smothered in butter. Ask to use olive oil instead.
  33. Find a workout buddy – (To motivate yourself) or ..
  34. Do it yourself – No one can motivate you like yourself.
  35. Diversify your diet – (?)
  36. Create structure – Having a set workout time and regimen allows you to track your fitness progress beyond the scale.

Hmmm … such a long list to make.

Summarized from Men’s Health.


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