December 16, 2007

Religion made us dispersed?

Filed under: Miscellaneous — J Martin @ 9:53 pm

I am just tired with the religion issues. We know there’s a lot religions out there and each claimed to be the righteous. Each ‘competes’ with other to expand and ‘convert’ people to join them.

I think I am correct to say that religion made us dispersed. Why? Because religion made us to hate each other. Religion made us to see only one side and hating the other side. Yes it’s true that religion made some people united, but the unity is just limited to the members of the said religion. There’s no unity among people on different religions. Other form of unity might present, but unity on faith never existed …

Sometimes I think that it’s better to have no religion at all …

Not only religion, but grouping and pooling also made people to hate each other. The more barriers they create, the more dispersed they are … And these barriers are created by grouping and pooling ….

Now, even sports or competitions can make people dispersed …

What else we do to be united?


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