November 25, 2007

Politics, anyone?

Filed under: Politics — J Martin @ 11:03 pm

I never like politics coz it always made people hate each other. Some say that politics are as dirty as you can imagine. Can you think any of clean politics? But do we have to blame the politicians? Perhaps ….

This is the first time ever I wrote about politics coz there’s some recent events out there conveying some uneasy signs. I don’t say that it’s becoming dangerous now but reading/watching the latest news made me cringe … How if something bad happened? Where do we have to go? What will happened to us? I cannot imagine those already-happened incidents in some countries also happening here in this so-called peacefull country ….

And I just cannot imagine people have to kill each other just because they want to satisfy their own desire or whatever they called it …

Is it time for us to take serious about it? We young generations are the future … but do we have to deal with it without any makeover? We’ve been under stable politic, yet somehow there’s still few other growing in dark. I am not making any side, but only speaking on behalf of my own, my own curiosity, fear and else ….

Don’t loose the peace ….

Peace to all humankind! (borrowed from a friend).


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