October 17, 2007

Stupidity (Part II)

Filed under: Miscellaneous — J Martin @ 7:02 pm

Here and there (occur mostly in Malaysia) we heard/read news abt kids (and some so-called-grown-up ppl) got warded or die becoz of their involvement in fireworks (mercun) and so on. Well, that’s a good example of some STUPID ppl. Really stupid ppl …

They know what consequences of fireworks. It’s not a strange thing in the news, and every year there’s reports abt it. Ppl die, ppl lost their legs, arms, hands or even get blinded are some of the consequences. But amazingly our ppl are still stupid enough to continue this stupid tradition. Don’t talk abt safety, coz the government hv long banned it.

And only after these hardcore-stupid ppl got their nightmares as the consequences of their stupidity, they realise it. Yeah, only after they get hurt and loose parts of their body they realise it. And then they beg the civilians for money to get well … Why didn’t they think twice before they hv that amputated arms? Indeed stupid morons … Better die, no more nuisance …

And apparently some ppl appear more stupidier than the rest. They did the fault, and some so-called-innocent ppl got the consequences. I think these morons should be let die by tying them with a huge number of fireworks and let them explode. And see how they gonna survive, but even they survived, they shouldn’t be let free … Redo the explosion until no flesh left on them … And I would be the happiest person to see them ‘sparkle’ …

Honestly I am not a criminal, but everytime I get shocked with loud bangs from these explosives, I can only wish these ppl to hv their home flared with fires from the explosives and fireworks. It’s very annoying. I know that only after their house burned or they lost any family member or loose any part or their body they will learn. And I WISH them so …

It’s not an evil thing, right? I only want PEACE …


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