October 8, 2007


Filed under: Miscellaneous — J Martin @ 9:14 pm

I am stupid. And you’re stupid. Everyone is stupid, but not everyone realise they’re indeed stupid. Some people apparently stupidier than the rest, coz they didn’t realise they’re stupid. People become smart when they know and realise they are stupid coz they’ll find a way to improve themselves so as not to appear stupid again. Stupid and dumb, that’s them when they don’t know how to make themselves out of shame.

Some people are annoying. They persistently stupid and dumb. They cannot live without doing anything else than these stupid things. What are these stupid things? Only smart people know it. But some people say it’s stupid when you say it’s smart. It depends on the majority. When majority said it’s smart thing, then it’ll be smart. And vice versa. That’s how it goes. It’s all human. Nobody’s perfect.

I myself not too stupid, not too smart. Let say, in the middle. Sometimes I know I am wrong, and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I didn’t realise I am wrong until somebody told me, or until the effect comes and I am stuck in the middle. And how I come out? I do more stupid things and go crazier. If things go out of control, people will then assume that it’s a normal thing for a crazy man to do such thing. Then at the end of the day, it all comes back to ‘normal’ coz nobody will cares anymore.

This is how life must go on …


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