October 3, 2007

Flickr – Photo storing/sharing …

Filed under: Blogroll, Photography — J Martin @ 12:09 am

Heard abt Flickr? If not, click HERE.

I already hv an account there, with quite plenty pics. Not only I can store/share my pics there but I can also view other’s. I love photos/photography, so it’s quite fascinating to see others pics/photos. At Flickr, I also can see/get to know what camera (camera finding feature) they use to snap the pics, especially those with good qualities, perfect angles, etc. I hv to know all these coz I’d love to.

And Flickr is also good/better compared to some so-called-photo-sites coz Flickr got few special features which are not available in other sites (correct me). A notable feature, Flickr provides a global map (a-la google map) for its members, non-pros or pros, to locate the pics taken. Say, if you took the pics at different places around the globe, you can just simply drag the pics and put it on the map. Interesting?

With this feature, people will know the whereabouts of the pics taken. In other words, you don’t hv explain so hard to let people know exactly where u took the pics. Minus if you don’t know how globe looks like or you hv no idea how your country looks like on the world or even regional/local map. Flickr applies basically to everyone, and/or exclusively to those who want to expose themselves and want everyone on the globe to see their pics. Or those who want an instant fame by any meaning (I mean via photography, in any positions, or in any suggestions). Sure Flickr is a good platform.

Cons – limited space for free member. You hv to pay for unlimited spaces and features … Did I mention non-pros and pros? Pros means unlimited users (those who pay for unlimited features and spaces), non-pros means those free members (100 MB approx storage)…

No recommendation for those who wants extreme privacy …

*Foot note : Sorry for bad grammar … hehe


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